Word Of God, Alive

Word Of God, Alive

Placing God as my priority was a challenge that I had set for myself. I have always found it hard to place God first, I would be easily distracted by other priorities such as playing games and watching shows.

Into day 1 of camp, the second point of teaching really spoke to me. “Following God Takes Priorities” I decided to play lesser games, pray first every morning, before bed, thanking Him, even for the small things that He has done and spending time with God consistently.

In Day 2, it was when God spoke to me to obey his Word, obey what the Word of God tells us and what being a Christian was like.

I am a “happy go lucky” person with no burdens in life. However in Day 3, Dennis shared about how Nehemiah had a burden and this burden drive him to rebuild Jerusalem. He even MOURNED, PRAYED and FASTED before GOD. It was simply because of a burden that led Nehemiah to had such a hungry and fired up heart. Nehemiah had a vision to serve God and his people. This vision fueled him to stay committed to God’s cause. Because of that vision, he committed to God’s Cause. It is said that “To have a vision is a changed life”. If we have a vision, we would go all out for it. And being committed requires sacrifice and willingness to overcome obstacles that stands in our way.

This got me to think, what exactly is my burden for God’s cause? What is his vision? What are the sacrifices you are calling me to give? I am thinking, praying that I may receive a burden, a vision stay committed to his cause!

This is my take away from camp,

There is something which I have been thinking about as well, which is spiritual warfare. I’ll be honest, I have never thought or knew about it. But after hearing my leaders talked about it, it got me thinking, why does the devil harm my LG members and other people?

After receiving a clear understanding of the recent events, I could see what God is trying to tell me and what we can and should do about it when it happens. Rather than thinking about why didn’t it happen to me. I remember a verse from Ephesians 6:10-18, it really spoke to me that we should stand firm in His truth & righteousness and to pray not just for myself but for everyone as well.

Anson, West A


God > GOT7

God > GOT7

On the day I paid for camp, I found out that my favorite group, got 7 was coming to Singapore during the period of camp. At that point of time, I insisted on going even when my mentor talked to me about priorities. Being unsure of who God really is, I insisted on going for the concert thinking “I can’t give up on got7”. On the first day of camp, during P&W, God reminded me of the concert and it hit me that I was prioritizing got7 over God. If I missed this fan meet, I can always go next time. But if I miss this chance to encounter God, who knows when will be the next time I can encounter God? I knew that going for the fan meet shouldn’t be my priority. However, as I have already paid for the tickets, I was still unsure. I talked to my mentor about it and she asked me, “If God commanded you not to go, are you going to disobey him?”. Upon hearing this, I decided to sell the ticket reluctantly which cost me over $200. My friend who was suppose to go with me for this fan meet was upset and mean with her words as she initially did not want me to go for camp.

On the second day, I prayed to God to help me understand why I should stay for camp and fill me with His word, hoping for God to speak to me more. On the same day, my mentor fell sick, she was on the verge of fainting but she still pressed on for P&W. On that same night, my lifegroup member said he had to leave camp due to some family issues and he couldn’t come back for camp even though he really wanted to stay. Also, that night the sermon talked about obeying God’s word with no compromise. Then it got me thinking, my lifegroup members who had no choice but to leave. And me, who had the choice to stay yet wanted to leave, am I doing the right thing? Is this pleasing to God?

It struck me suddenly why i shouldn’t go for the fan meet and was even more convinced and determined not to go. It all made sense to me, on the first night, God told me not to go. On the second, I was reluctant. And on the third night, I knew and understood God’s heart behind this whole incident. This camp taught me how to prioritize use God, even if it means losing a friend for God to show himself to me, then I guess it’s okay. My UL said, “when revival happens, the devil will disturb you”

Through this, I changed from “No, I can’t give up on got7” to “God is more important and is my top priority”. I really feel that God is so amazing and through this it strengthen my faith in God!

Esther, West A

A Tiny But Glorious Whisper

A Tiny But Glorious Whisper

Today, one day after camp, I began to realise that a lot of things are different. Now, when I step outside, things are different… I no longer see “Revival”-themed banners and all the other decorations around me at home or school. My personal worship at home does not have the huge, full band sound/ “kick” that camp has. AND what I felt at home and during camp was different too…

During camp, I felt dry. Throughout the camp, it felt like I was just going for another camp. I was, honestly, disappointed at God. As I looked around during camp, I saw that most of the people in the unit teared, knelt, and even cried when God spoke to them. But as for me, I didn’t feel any difference within me, I just felt normal… I questioned God, I asked “Why do you not come and speak to me like how you did for the others?

But today, after camp, I still chose to press on, I decided to worship God at home.

Even though at the start, for awhile, I didn’t feel God, I still decided to press on to seek Him. Then all of a sudden, God spoke. Something in me was different. And I broke down and cried. God did not come to me in a loud, fierce, huge way. BUT He came in a tiny whisper, a tiny whisper that assured me that He was with me. A tiny whisper from God changed me completely.

When I was feeling insecure, feeling lost, when I was struggling in my faith, when I was far from God for a long time, God still came to comfort me. It was truly at that moment that I can say that He is Lord. I knew, at that day, that it’s not the loud music, not the hype, not the activities in camp that makes God real, but it’s when we know God’s truth for each and everyone of us and when we desire to love Him with all of our hearts.
Indeed, it’s not really camp that changes you, but what you do after camp that changes you. God reminded me of this during my worship:

Psalm 23:4
“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Gabriel, West A

A New Passion

A New Passion

Ever since Nicole has been Holy Spirit Baptised months ago, her life took a drastic change, she was growing in character and also faithfully serving in whatever areas she can. .

Going into revival camp, she was excited to see how God is going to move and touch her, she was simply expectant. At every single revival night, she can’t help but to be in awe of God’s love for her, how she longs to be used by God for His kingdom. After the first night, while in the room, she actually genuinely and humbly confessed that there was a period of time before camp she felt as though she was “slacking off” (she was not faithfully doing QT, praying, etc) and she felt so discontented about it and wanted camp to reignite her passion for God. Every single night, she would tear up talking about God, sharing about how she wants Zhenghua to grow. About how, the world really needs God. Her faith spoke as though it is literally Heaven as it is on Earth. .
As she share about the burden God has for Zhenghua, she too had her fair share of worries, such as, “what if I have to do this on my own?” And then she would end off by saying something along the lines, “Even if it is just myself and even though I always complain about my fears and uncertainties, at the end of the day I would still do it” .
She dreams about how Zhenghua community would come together in school to pray, be a family and reach out to the lost. To be the light that shines amidst the seemingly mundane routine of school. In this camp, God revealed his power and love for herself and the people. Not only does she has a burden for the lost, she has burden for even those who are already in church but have not yet recognized the love of Christ. She also encourages follow uppers to give their best to serve. She feels inadequate but would choose to still go ahead in confidence. And this is God’s revival for her. .
(Some friends she invited for Christmas service this Saturday will be joining us too!) .
– XiangEr, West B.

Revival Can Happen Before Camp

Revival Can Happen Before Camp

A few days prior to camp, I had a hide fight with my mum after she found out some things and was super mad at me. She wanted to back out on allowing me to go for camp.

I was so discouraged. However, on the same day, I shared with her vulnerably my feelings and our relationship improved. I was really desperate because revival camp was so important to me! I am sharing this to encourage those that is worried to ask your parents for their permission to go for camp, go ahead in faith! The worst that could happen is a scolding I hope, but do pray!

ok a few days before camp my mum and I had a huge fight and she found out some things and was super mad and wanted to back out on allowing me to go for camp.
but then on that same day, I shared vulnerably to her and our relationship improved after that. i was damn desperate because revival camp was really really damn important to me lah. the thing i wanted to tell y’all is that dont be scared to ask your parents whether yall can go anot. the most they would say that they dont allow, but they wouldn’t scold u or anything. so what harm does it do to just try and persuade ur parents to let yall go? Just wanted to encourage those of you who are scared to ask your parents but do pray!!

Tzexi, West A