A Tiny But Glorious Whisper

A Tiny But Glorious Whisper

Today, one day after camp, I began to realise that a lot of things are different. Now, when I step outside, things are different… I no longer see “Revival”-themed banners and all the other decorations around me at home or school. My personal worship at home does not have the huge, full band sound/ “kick” that camp has. AND what I felt at home and during camp was different too…

During camp, I felt dry. Throughout the camp, it felt like I was just going for another camp. I was, honestly, disappointed at God. As I looked around during camp, I saw that most of the people in the unit teared, knelt, and even cried when God spoke to them. But as for me, I didn’t feel any difference within me, I just felt normal… I questioned God, I asked “Why do you not come and speak to me like how you did for the others?

But today, after camp, I still chose to press on, I decided to worship God at home.

Even though at the start, for awhile, I didn’t feel God, I still decided to press on to seek Him. Then all of a sudden, God spoke. Something in me was different. And I broke down and cried. God did not come to me in a loud, fierce, huge way. BUT He came in a tiny whisper, a tiny whisper that assured me that He was with me. A tiny whisper from God changed me completely.

When I was feeling insecure, feeling lost, when I was struggling in my faith, when I was far from God for a long time, God still came to comfort me. It was truly at that moment that I can say that He is Lord. I knew, at that day, that it’s not the loud music, not the hype, not the activities in camp that makes God real, but it’s when we know God’s truth for each and everyone of us and when we desire to love Him with all of our hearts.
Indeed, it’s not really camp that changes you, but what you do after camp that changes you. God reminded me of this during my worship:

Psalm 23:4
“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Gabriel, West A


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