God opened the door, and we went

God opened the door, and we went

As a sec 1 orientation leader, there were many opportunities for me to interact with the sec 1s. As I grew closer to them, I would occasionally text them individually and help them with their homework. I would also share to them about Ablazewest and ask them to follow us on Instagram!

A sec 1 student named Cheyanne texted me to ask about CCA auditions and at that moment, I felt God urging me to invite her for Project Sparkle! So I did and she turned up!! She also shared with me that she has been wanting to go to a church and it was really heartwarming to know that there are people out there that genuinely wants to know God.

As ESS drew closer, Yang En and I told our peers and sec 1s about it. With Cheyanne in the lifegroup, it was easier to outreach to lower sec students in school and in our CCAs.

Also, Yang En was motivated to outreach to her peers because she wants them to feel the love of God and His goodness after seeing them constantly being stressed out and tired. One of her classmate that she outreached was interested to join us. She came for W3F and I got to know her more as she shared about her own church, and about herself!

During CCE lesson, my class talked about religions and as I saw that more than half the class were free-thinkers, I was compelled towards the lost souls. So I decided to hand out the invite to my classmates even though I felt awkward and fearful.

Today (13Feb), we have a total of 3 confirmed visitors, 1 sec1 and 8 interested but still considering!! Really hope that this testimony of mine encourages you guys to continue to reach out even though it may be difficult but remember that we’re merely sowing seeds, God’s the one harvesting them!!

Phyllis, West C


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