Word Of God, Alive

Word Of God, Alive

Placing God as my priority was a challenge that I had set for myself. I have always found it hard to place God first, I would be easily distracted by other priorities such as playing games and watching shows.

Into day 1 of camp, the second point of teaching really spoke to me. “Following God Takes Priorities” I decided to play lesser games, pray first every morning, before bed, thanking Him, even for the small things that He has done and spending time with God consistently.

In Day 2, it was when God spoke to me to obey his Word, obey what the Word of God tells us and what being a Christian was like.

I am a “happy go lucky” person with no burdens in life. However in Day 3, Dennis shared about how Nehemiah had a burden and this burden drive him to rebuild Jerusalem. He even MOURNED, PRAYED and FASTED before GOD. It was simply because of a burden that led Nehemiah to had such a hungry and fired up heart. Nehemiah had a vision to serve God and his people. This vision fueled him to stay committed to God’s cause. Because of that vision, he committed to God’s Cause. It is said that “To have a vision is a changed life”. If we have a vision, we would go all out for it. And being committed requires sacrifice and willingness to overcome obstacles that stands in our way.

This got me to think, what exactly is my burden for God’s cause? What is his vision? What are the sacrifices you are calling me to give? I am thinking, praying that I may receive a burden, a vision stay committed to his cause!

This is my take away from camp,

There is something which I have been thinking about as well, which is spiritual warfare. I’ll be honest, I have never thought or knew about it. But after hearing my leaders talked about it, it got me thinking, why does the devil harm my LG members and other people?

After receiving a clear understanding of the recent events, I could see what God is trying to tell me and what we can and should do about it when it happens. Rather than thinking about why didn’t it happen to me. I remember a verse from Ephesians 6:10-18, it really spoke to me that we should stand firm in His truth & righteousness and to pray not just for myself but for everyone as well.

Anson, West A


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