God > GOT7

God > GOT7

On the day I paid for camp, I found out that my favorite group, got 7 was coming to Singapore during the period of camp. At that point of time, I insisted on going even when my mentor talked to me about priorities. Being unsure of who God really is, I insisted on going for the concert thinking “I can’t give up on got7”. On the first day of camp, during P&W, God reminded me of the concert and it hit me that I was prioritizing got7 over God. If I missed this fan meet, I can always go next time. But if I miss this chance to encounter God, who knows when will be the next time I can encounter God? I knew that going for the fan meet shouldn’t be my priority. However, as I have already paid for the tickets, I was still unsure. I talked to my mentor about it and she asked me, “If God commanded you not to go, are you going to disobey him?”. Upon hearing this, I decided to sell the ticket reluctantly which cost me over $200. My friend who was suppose to go with me for this fan meet was upset and mean with her words as she initially did not want me to go for camp.

On the second day, I prayed to God to help me understand why I should stay for camp and fill me with His word, hoping for God to speak to me more. On the same day, my mentor fell sick, she was on the verge of fainting but she still pressed on for P&W. On that same night, my lifegroup member said he had to leave camp due to some family issues and he couldn’t come back for camp even though he really wanted to stay. Also, that night the sermon talked about obeying God’s word with no compromise. Then it got me thinking, my lifegroup members who had no choice but to leave. And me, who had the choice to stay yet wanted to leave, am I doing the right thing? Is this pleasing to God?

It struck me suddenly why i shouldn’t go for the fan meet and was even more convinced and determined not to go. It all made sense to me, on the first night, God told me not to go. On the second, I was reluctant. And on the third night, I knew and understood God’s heart behind this whole incident. This camp taught me how to prioritize use God, even if it means losing a friend for God to show himself to me, then I guess it’s okay. My UL said, “when revival happens, the devil will disturb you”

Through this, I changed from “No, I can’t give up on got7” to “God is more important and is my top priority”. I really feel that God is so amazing and through this it strengthen my faith in God!

Esther, West A


Turning Fake Smiles to Real Tears

Turning Fake Smiles to Real Tears

So during camp our LG had a lot of ups and downs, like we had conflicts and stuff. However, I can really see that as camp progressed, as we learnt about a revived community to know and love one another, and as we were challenged to love one another authentically, we became more vulnerable with one another, we listened to each of our own stories and cried together.

We all knew that we had a lot of differences, but during this camp we made a decision to grow together in the future and change for the better. I myself learnt to be more intentional in the lifegroup. I learnt that we can change in our speech when speaking to each other. And I really hope that we can have this unity in us to really push each other, including myself, we can do simple things like reminding each other to do qt, and to also continue in having this vision (of loving authentically) for our LG and our school.

YuanZhi, West A