Turning Fake Smiles to Real Tears

Turning Fake Smiles to Real Tears

So during camp our LG had a lot of ups and downs, like we had conflicts and stuff. However, I can really see that as camp progressed, as we learnt about a revived community to know and love one another, and as we were challenged to love one another authentically, we became more vulnerable with one another, we listened to each of our own stories and cried together.

We all knew that we had a lot of differences, but during this camp we made a decision to grow together in the future and change for the better. I myself learnt to be more intentional in the lifegroup. I learnt that we can change in our speech when speaking to each other. And I really hope that we can have this unity in us to really push each other, including myself, we can do simple things like reminding each other to do qt, and to also continue in having this vision (of loving authentically) for our LG and our school.

YuanZhi, West A


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