A New Passion

A New Passion

Ever since Nicole has been Holy Spirit Baptised months ago, her life took a drastic change, she was growing in character and also faithfully serving in whatever areas she can. .

Going into revival camp, she was excited to see how God is going to move and touch her, she was simply expectant. At every single revival night, she can’t help but to be in awe of God’s love for her, how she longs to be used by God for His kingdom. After the first night, while in the room, she actually genuinely and humbly confessed that there was a period of time before camp she felt as though she was “slacking off” (she was not faithfully doing QT, praying, etc) and she felt so discontented about it and wanted camp to reignite her passion for God. Every single night, she would tear up talking about God, sharing about how she wants Zhenghua to grow. About how, the world really needs God. Her faith spoke as though it is literally Heaven as it is on Earth. .
As she share about the burden God has for Zhenghua, she too had her fair share of worries, such as, “what if I have to do this on my own?” And then she would end off by saying something along the lines, “Even if it is just myself and even though I always complain about my fears and uncertainties, at the end of the day I would still do it” .
She dreams about how Zhenghua community would come together in school to pray, be a family and reach out to the lost. To be the light that shines amidst the seemingly mundane routine of school. In this camp, God revealed his power and love for herself and the people. Not only does she has a burden for the lost, she has burden for even those who are already in church but have not yet recognized the love of Christ. She also encourages follow uppers to give their best to serve. She feels inadequate but would choose to still go ahead in confidence. And this is God’s revival for her. .
(Some friends she invited for Christmas service this Saturday will be joining us too!) .
– XiangEr, West B.


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