Insecure, Impatient & Tired

Insecure, Impatient & Tired 

On day 1, God spoke to me about putting my security in God. The song “crowns” and the lyrics of the song that goes “put my wealth on the cross”. It reminded me of how I should put my security in God because I am someone that gets easily insecure. I would constantly see if I look okay, such as my hair and the way I look. But this camp, God spoke to me to put my security in him.

Day 2, God laid a burden in me. I asked myself, “why am I always impatient? Why am I not loving?” During revival night 2, there was an invitation to ask the leaders and intercessors pray for us. I told Zhonghao I am a very impatient, angry and I find it hard to love. He reminded me of this verse 1 Corinthians 13, “if I speak in tongues
Of men or of angel, but do not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal” it reminded me of the coke and milk demonstration. For the first time, it became a revelation to me!

On the third day, God laid the conviction in my heart to invite more people because for the past few months, I found myself unwillingly to go the extra mile to invite people. But I realized, even if it means I am busy, I can still make time for the kingdom of God. I am praying that this conviction continues to burn in me because this is God’s ministry and not mine.

Janelle, West A